We want to create the best application for Clubs & Matches 

See why club managers, match directors and competitors all love our features.

We are proud to launch the Beta Version of Score-Shot.

This is our first match. We’re gonna fumble some reloads, miss some targets, and probably hit a non-threat… or two…

During this Beta period we are eager for your patience, help and feedback  as we improve the platform together as a shooting community.

Please use the support button located at the lower left of the screen to provide feedback on any bugs, issues, or if you have any awesome ideas for cool stuff we might include in the future.

Are you Ready.....?

Our Features

Club Management

  • Synchronize Club data with IDPA via API
  • Member and Dues management, including automatic reminders and special dues groups
  • Useful Data about your  statistics and finances to help you manage your club
  • Powerful tools to easily communicate w/your members

Powerful Payment Processing

  • Support for your existing Stripe and Authorize.net accounts
  • Additional processors coming soon
  • Club and Match Financial Dashboards


  • Designed from the ground up to simplify all aspects of managing Practical Shooting.
  • Developed by shooters, for shooters.
  • Powerful, modern code base for future upgrades.

Match Management

  • Automatic validation of IDPA eligibility and classifications for competitors
  • Easily build your match on a web browser from your desktop, including stages, target & round counts.... we make it easy!
  • Use the match dashboard on the tablet to track your match status real-time
  • We make match day management easy on your tablet
  • Use match templates to save hours creating your standard club matches

Powerful Tablet App

  • Intuitive app operation
  • Simplified Scoring
  • Manage your match on the ground from your tablet
  • Security and Auditing built-in

Competitor Benefits

  • Automatically synchronize your matches, stats, classifications with IDPA
  • See your Clubs, Matches, and information in one place.
  • Easy to use tablet app for scoring, built with shooting conditions in mind
  • Search for other matches and competitors and track results

Scoring and Results

  • Simplified Match detail, Registration, and Results
  • Streamlined Registration tools to allow competitors to get what they want (registered!) quickly and easily.
  • Sortable and Exportable Match Results.

You're not the only one with questions about Score-Shot....

Competitors and Clubs across the country are asking. We have answers.

We support both Authorize.net and Stripe for payment processing. If you have an existing account, simply enter your secret keys in the Financial tab of your Club Config!

Score-Shot is free to use for Competitors.

Small clubs under 30 members, pay no subscription fee.

Growing and established clubs with 30 or more members, pay a flat $99/year subscription.

To find match results for a match that you participated in, you can find the results in several ways.

From your Dashboard, select the match. If the match has been completed, Final Results will be displayed.

From the Matches page, search for the match by name or by hosting club.

From the Matches page, select the match from your "My Matches" list.

To find match results for a match that you did NOT participate in, search for the match via match name or hosting club in the Matches page. Results are displayed on the "Results" tab.