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Competitor Dashboard

Single location to see your events, matches, and clubs, and to manage your profile.

Unified Match Pages

Match pages contain everything about a match from creation/pre-publication through final results.  


You may have expanded roles and permissions for Clubs or Matches based on your Score-Shot account.  

Dues and Fees

Score-Shot offers the ability to save your payment data to use for Club Dues and Match Registration.

Rules Body API

Currently, Score-Shot includes an API that synchronizes your information and history with IDPA.  Other rules bodies are coming!

Simple Tablet App

Our app is simple to use and understand and the layout has been designed to make scoring a stage easy!

Customer Support

Score-Shot has a growing knowledge-base as well as support staff to help you get the most out of the app.

Simple Search

Our search makes it easy to find Clubs, Matches, and even other Competitors.  No distractions, just what you are looking for.

Match Results Pages

Our match results pages are simple to read, easy to sort, and always include the ability to export for offline evaluation.

Scoring App

Intuitive tablet application

The scoring application has been designed with thumb ergonomics in mind.  The most repetitive tasks are the easiest to get to.

Streamlined Results Pages

Modern layout for easy reading

Your match results, in a lay-out like you expect.  Searchable, expandable, and exportable.

All-in-one Dashboard

See your important info in one place..

Manage your matches, clubs and profile from a single page.