For Club Managers

We Are Here To Help You

Custom Dues Groups

Set your club dues based on anniversary or calendar year, and charge custom amounts for special groups like Juniors.

Automatic Dues Collection

Score-Shot will send out reminders to members when their dues are coming up.  You shouldn't have to remember, let the system do it for you!

Automated Join Process

Score-Shot helps you setup a consistent process for joining the club and then automates it.  We want to make it easy for you.

Club Dashboard

See all Club events, past present and future, in the Club Dashboard.  Manage join requests.  Manage the Club Profile.  Easy!

Create and Manage your Matches

Score-Shot makes it easy to create, manage, or even delete Matches from your dashboard.  Matches are associated with Clubs, and are managed appropriately.

Automatic IDPA Sync

Score-Shot automatically reads authoritative data from IDPA (and others coming soon!).  Club status, owner, etc are pre-defined by rules bodies and sync'd via our private API.

Club Locations

Many clubs hold matches at multiple locations/ranges.  Score-Shot makes it easy to manage them all.

Membership Reports

Know more about your members than ever.  Use our growing catalog of built in reports or export your member list to csv for offline evaluation.

Club Finances

Score-Shot helps you track financial events for your club, which makes it easier to reconcile at the end of the year and plan for upcoming events.

Automatic Dues Collection

Members should manage payment.  Not you.

Score-Shot automatically sends reminders to members when they need to pay their dues.  You can worry about other things!

Membership Statistics

Knowledge is power

How many active members do you have?  How many are past due?  How many are inactive that you could reach out to?

Club Specific Dashboard

Your Club timeline and management tools

The Club dashboard lets you manage club specific items like members, matches, and your public profile.  It’s like a member profile, but for a club!