For Match Directors

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Flexible Registration

Score-Shot offers flexible registration options allowing for full manual control or completely automated handling of registration requests.

Multiple Divisions

More and more matches are allowing for multiple Division registrations.  Score-Shot handles this seamlessly, in one competitor registration.

Quick Clone

Need to copy your monthly match?  Just click the CLONE button and change a couple key details, then publish or save as draft.

Scheduled Registration Dates

Control registration by date based on the type of registrant.  Early Staff, Early Club Member, last minute everyone else!

Define Stages Early

Score-Shot lets you define as much (or as little) as you want about your stages prior to the match.  Fully editable via tablet on the day of the match.

Automatically Squad

Score-Shot gives you the ability to automatically group competitors in squads or groups of squads based on how they register.  Full sponsored squad?  Easy.  

Automatic Eligibility Checks

Score-Shot's API automatically checks your registered competitor list for eligibility for your match, based on match date and alerts you AND them to issues.

Single URL Match Detail

Score-Shot tracks everything about a match in one location.  Edit your match, edit the squads, check results, all from one place.

Delegate Responsibilities

Score-Shot makes it easy to get a little help from your friends.  Delegate registration duties.  Delegate Scoring duties.  Many hands make light work!

Powerful Registration Options

Unparalleled control of registration options

With Score-Shot you can control who and when and make sure registration is fast and easy for your match.

Match Financials

Know the important data about your match

Score-Shot makes it easy to know your match revenue in real time, not after you get your bank statements.  Make decisions with data instead of guesses.

Tablet Based Management

On the ground, day-of match management

Change and add registrations, change your stages, manage your scoring devices, know your match completion status.