About Score-Shot

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Who We Are

First and foremost, we are shooters like you.  We are volunteers.  We are Match Directors, and Club Managers and Equipment Managers and Secretaries and Treasurers and just plain old shooters and we wanted a tool that was more.  

So we made one.  And we’ll keep making it, and improving it and listening to our users to make it better.  

Our vision is to create a software platform that allows people to simplify the administrative tasks of our sport so that we can all get to the fun part.  Shooting!

Creating and managing Clubs and Matches should be easy!

Registering for and scoring a match should be easy!

Finding and comparing results should be easy!


Our Story

A couple of years ago, in early 2019, we noticed that there was an opportunity for a practical shooting scoring and management tool that went beyond anything else on the market.  A couple of us took the virtual napkin and sketched out some basic ideas.  After more time than we had anticipated, we now have the solid pillars of a comprehensive Club, Match, and Member management platform that is scalable to multiple sports and scoring systems.  

IDPA is the first ruleset we are supporting, but will not be the last.  We hope we can make things a little easier on the people that love all types of practical shooting sports!